VariaSphere Planter



The Variasphere Planter, a testament to the cutting-edge digital production technologies employed at Concrenetics. These medium to large-scale concrete planters are not only a testament to modern manufacturing techniques but also a testament to versatility.

The Variasphere Planter redefines the conventional boundaries of concrete craftsmanship. Its shape and dimensions are entirely customizable, offering you the freedom to design a planter that perfectly complements your space and vision. From sleek and polished (FINO) to rugged and texturized (FERRO), our range of surface finishes caters to diverse tastes and design preferences, ensuring that your planter not only blends seamlessly with your surroundings but also becomes an exquisite focal point in any setting.

Unleash your creativity with the Variasphere Planter and experience the harmonious fusion of form and function, all made possible through the magic of digital production technology. Embrace the future of concrete design with Concrenetics.

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